Our Vision

Proud of our history and are committed to the future

Our Vision

When the founders of POST Industrial Services Ltd set the vision, values and mission they had two things in mind:

Top-quality in every technical project we undertake


Our goal is to support our customers’ projects and their missions with innovative solutions and the highest possible industry standards for quality assurance.

Our vision guides the steps we take each day to ensure our customers get a solution delivered to their satisfaction no matter how difficult the project is.

To that end, we will:

Distinguish ourselves as an innovative provider of high-quality technical solutions.

Be recognized for our ability to rapidly provide these solutions in the most challenging and complex situations.

Deliver long-term value to our clients.
Be the Trusted Advisor, Partner and Preferred Provider of the heavy industry in anticorrosive protection, fireproofing and industrial insulations.

Be valued by our customers, esteemed by fellow employees, embraced by teammates and respected by competitors.

Furthermore, our group of companies is operated by the following principles:

• Our clients are our most important company asset and we are committed to serving their needs.

• Our company’s most important and valued resource is our trained and experienced professional and technical staff and we will support our employee’s goals and needs.

• Our projects will be performed using the highest standards, with emphasis on quality and integrity.

• We are committed to remain on the leading edge of standards of practice, education, technology and automation to provide our clients the most cost effective and professional services possible.