Hydroblasting is a specialized technique used to clean hard substances from various surfaces. Water pumps capable of supplying pressurized flows up to 1500 bar and actual flow rates, which can exceed 52 liters per minute, combined with various types and configurations of accessories and nozzles to clean a wide range of applications.

Through our skilled and experienced personnel and the use of superior equipment such as NLB, we will safely and effectively apply our knowledge and technology to meet your cleaning-painting needs.

We offer high quality hydroblasting services to meet your industrial needs. Our company can effectively undertake projects in the energy or oil and gas industry such as:

  • Condenser/heat exchanger tube bundles
  • Process line cleaning
  • Coatings removal from floors, tanks and vessels
  • Grate cleaning
  • Tank cleaning – confined space entry projects
  • General and site-specific hydro blasting projects

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