Dry-Ice Blasting

Dry-Ice Blasting

Dry ice is actually compressed CO2 in solid form. CO2 is a natural nontoxic odorless gas even used in certain soft drinks.

DRY ICE CLEANING SYSTEM is a cleaning method using dry ice. Dry ice particles hit on the pollution coated surface almost at sound speed. The coating is cooled up to -79oC, as a result it contracts and breaks. Dry ice particles convert into gas, (CO2) again, and are released on the atmosphere, leaving the surface clean.

DRY ICE CLEANING SYSTEM is an innovation in the field of industrial cleaning. With this method we can remove glue, oils, fat, diesel, rust, wax, paint, etc., without damaging the surface. Such applications can be realized in the Shipping sector as well as in refineries and industrial facilities.


  • No residues since it evaporates after impact.
  • Environment-friendly (no chemical additives are used).
  • Does not destroy the surface.
  • Quick results.
  • Can be applied to all surfaces.

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