Metalizing is an application method that protects metal surfaces from corrosion and oxidation using a process to apply Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA), Zinc or other non-corrosive metals using special equipment.

The metalizing process is a procedure where molten metal, usually zinc, aluminum or less commonly stainless steel, is applied to a metal substrate such as carbon steel to prevent corrosion.

The metal surface prior the application must be clean from any contaminants and usually grit blasting is the way to go. Metalizing is quickly gaining acceptance as a substitute for painting structural steel and protects steel for decades longer than paint alone.

This is a proven process, which is been used around the world for 90 years.

Metalizing is widely accepted in Europe as an upgrade from paint for multiple process applications and infra- structures projects where corrosion is big issue such as on-shore and offshore wind turbines.

Steel of every shape and size may be metalized either in-shop prior to construction or onsite after the steel has been erected. Onsite is also a viable option for ongoing maintenance instead of less effective painting. Metalizing is the most versatile and effective coating for protecting steel infrastructure available today but with considerable higher cost than the conventionally anticorrosive process methods.

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